Team check in for the 2019 Steel City Freeze will be at the

Westin Downtown Pittsburgh and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Tournament Information Packet

The Steel City Freeze will not be printing out coaches information packets for handout at Team Check-In.  All information will be available online throughout the event.

2019 Tournament Information Book – Updated 2-1

Coaches Sign-Off Form Needed for Check-In

Check-In Locations:
Friday, February 1, 6:00p-8:30p: Westin Downtown Pittsburgh (Lobby Registration Area)
Saturday, February 2, 7:00a-2:00p: David L. Lawrence Convention Center Hall B Lobby

Teams that do not check in to the tournament will be subject to a forfeit of their first match.

Player & Staff Passes

At Team Check-In, the Team Representative is issued bag tags for each player and staff member on the roster (up to 15 players and 3 staff members).  These bag tags are included as part of the Team Registration Fee – there is no extra charge for them.

  • Staff members listed on more than one roster receive only one bag tag for the event
  • All bag tags must be picked up at one time by the person checking in the team.

Coaches, please remember to issue your player’s their bag tags before you ask them to meet you inside the playing venue.  Players who do not have a bag tag will not be allowed into the playing facility.

Results and Roster Updates:

  1. Enter Results: In order to complete seeding of the event, all competition results should be entered into Advanced Event Systems by Sunday, January 13 by 5:00 pm Eastern Time.  To enter results for your team, login to AES, click on “Teams” and click on “Results” on the respective line for each team. You can enter results manually or import the results from a different system by following the instructions found on that page.
  2. Review Your Roster: Make any necessary roster changes, additions, or deletions. No handwritten changes of any sort are allowed on the Team Roster at Check-In.  We will print rosters on Wednesday, January 30 at 5:00pm.  Please have all updates completed at that time.
  3. Team & Coach Requirements: All coaches on the Team Check In Form must be, at a minimum, IMPACT certified. All adult coaches listed on the Team Check In Form must have a current background check through their Region or Junior Volleyball Association.

To expedite your team check-in process, please print your roster from Advanced Event Systems and have the bottom portion of your roster filled out when you come to team check-in.  All players participating in the event must be on the roster and may not be on multiple rosters of teams in the event.


Find a computer at a local hotel or print shop to make changes on a computer.